The Association of Quality Education (AQE Ltd) is the company formed to manage and administer the Common Entrance Assessment (CEA) for transfer of pupils from primary to a number of post primary schools.

Guide For Parents has been produced to help explain the current transfer process using the CEA.

The list of schools that have joined AQE Ltd for the purposes of selecting pupils transferring from primary school can be found by clicking here.


Important Dates for 2014 Assessments

        Registration opens                                                    Tuesday 6th May 2014
        Registration closes                                                    Friday 12th September 2014
        Requests for access arrangements closes             Friday 19th September 2014

Test Dates

        Paper One                10am on Saturday 8th November 2014
        Paper Two                10am on Saturday 22nd November 2014
        Paper Three             10am on Saturday 29th November 2014


        Results issued to parents           Saturday 31st January 2015
        Remark application closed        Friday 13th February 2015

The Implementation Timetable has been prepared to give parents, children and primary principals information about the significant dates in the CEA process. Section A is an outline of the preparations and arrangements made by AQE Ltd for the CEA. Section B seeks to help parents by giving an overview of the process of applications to schools for places.