The Assessments

The Common Entrance Assessment (CEA) has been developed to meet international test standards. It assesses pupils on their English and Mathematics ability.

The Specification
The specification for the assessments can be downloaded here.
The CEA follows a standard format of Mathematics and English questions.

The Assessment Procedure
There are three assessments available to candidates on three different Saturday mornings. However, the best scores from two of the three assessments is used to calculate their CEA result, therefore candidates may sit two out of the three papers. However, the three assessment option allows for an ‘off day’ and is recommended by AQE Ltd as it provides all candidates the best opportunity to show their true potential. Each year over 99% of the candidates sit all three papers.

Pupils sit the CEA at one of the member grammar schools. Your child does not need to sit the assessment at the school they would like to attend as this has no bearing on the decision to apply to any school.

Sample Assessment Items
The following assessment items and a sample paper have been produced to provide examples of the type of questions that will be asked in the CEA:
Sample Test Items
Sample Paper
Sample Paper Answers

Past Papers
If you wish to PURCHASE full past papers, please click HERE – ORDER FORM FOR PAST PAPERS for an order form.