Please see below for further information on the Common Entrance Assessments.

REGISTRATION CLOSED ON FRIDAY 9TH OCTOBER 2020 AT 4PM. Late Registrations can be completed online but will be subject to a late entry fee and assessment centre spaces will be limited. The closing date for applications for Access Arrangements was also on Friday 9th October at 4pm.

A list of school based assessment centres with remaining seats available for the upcoming assessments can be found here.

AQE UPDATE – 19th November 2020

The Common Entrance Assessment (CEA) is due to be held on the 9th, 16th and 23rd January 2021 and we offer best wishes to all candidates who are preparing for the assessment.

The health and wellbeing of the candidates and staff is AQE Limited’s first priority and we want to reassure you that AQE Limited, in conjunction with our Member Schools, will follow all relevant and current health and safety guidance from the PHA/DE and all of our centres will be required to risk assess the hosting of the CEA. Each host centre will contact parents and candidates in the next few weeks outlining how the Common Entrance Assessment will be conducted.

We acknowledge that some candidates may not be able to sit some or all of the papers. If that is the case, we strongly advise  candidates who are in a position to sit one or two papers only, to do so. If children are self-isolating they should not come to the centres to sit the assessment during this period. There are established procedures set out in the website to deal with the circumstances. They are available here

It is the responsibility of the Boards of Governors of  grammar schools to ensure that admissions criteria are published and take account of the current uncertainty. In the event of no assessment taking place at all, schools will publish appropriate, alternative admissions criteria. AQE Limited has no role in this process.

The Board of AQE Limited will continue to review the progress of the pandemic and will keep parents and candidates updated. 

‘AQE Limited is very grateful to the staff in Primary Schools who are working tirelessly to help and support pupils in P6 prepare for our tests in the Autumn. We hugely appreciate the considerable help and support from our primary colleagues with Access Arrangements and communicating with parents. ’

Association for Quality Education (AQE Ltd) is the company formed to manage and administer the Common Entrance Assessment (CEA) for transfer of pupils from primary to a number of post primary schools in Northern Ireland.  To find out more about AQE Ltd please click here

A full list of participating AQE Grammar Schools can be found here  and on the front cover of the Registration Form. Anyone who hopes to be admitted to any of the AQE Grammar Schools listed will have to sit the CEA.