Association for Quality Education (AQE Ltd) is the company formed to manage and administer the Common Entrance Assessment (CEA) for transfer of pupils from primary to a number of post primary schools in Northern Ireland.  To find out more about AQE Ltd please click here

A full list of participating AQE Grammar Schools can be found here  and on the front cover of the Registration Form. Anyone who hopes to be admitted to any of the AQE Grammar Schools listed will have to sit the CEA.

AQE Response to Norovirus:

We are extremely sorry that a number of children are sick due to the norovirus and we wish a speedy recovery to all those concerned. If children are suffering from symptoms of the virus they should not put themselves or others at risk by sitting the test on Saturday. The AQE model of three assessments being available and the two best marks used to produce a final score, allows children to achieve a standardised score for application to grammar schools on the basis of sitting two tests. If a child is sick during any of the tests then the parent can consider applying for Special Circumstances.  Details of how to apply for Special Circumstances are available in grammar schools’ Admissions Criteria which can be accessed on the EA Website.

What to do if your child is unwell just prior to, or on the morning of, an assessment

Office lines will be open from 9.15am on assessment mornings for emergencies only, alternatively e-mail can be used. THE TELEPHONE ANSWER MACHINE IS NORMALLY NOT CHECKED ON ASSESSMENT MORNINGS, please use alternative means of contact if required.

If you have not submitted a hard copy of your registration form to the AQE Office you will now have to enter under the late entry process. Further information can be found on the relevant page of the website.


Full details of all dates and deadlines can be found here; Key Dates and Deadlines

The assessments will take place on the following Saturdays in 2019;

  • 9th November
  • 23rd November
  • 30th November

The format of, and specification for the Common Entrance Assessment can be found on ‘The Assessments 2019’ page of this website.

The results will be issued to parents on Saturday 25th January 2020.