AQE UPDATE – 31st May 2020

‘AQE Limited is very grateful to the staff in Primary Schools who are working tirelessly to help and support pupils in P6 prepare for our tests in the Autumn. We hugely appreciate the considerable help and support from our primary colleagues with Access Arrangements and communicating with parents. ’

Regarding the announcement by LAGAN COLLEGE (31st May 2020):

Any parents who had registered before 31st May 2020 and had selected Overflow Centre D hosted by Lagan College as any of their preferences for an assessment centre, this choice will now be cancelled and your remaining preferences moved up your choices list accordingly (therefore if Overflow D was your first choice, your second choice will now become your first choice etc). You do not need to do anything unless you are not satisfied with this arrangement. Your child’s registration will not be affected in any way.

Change to Assessment Dates for 2020

The Board of AQE Limited has been closely monitoring the coronavirus situation and the real difficulties and uncertainty it has posed for parents, pupils and schools alike over recent weeks, particularly in relation to home schooling and pressures of work. To allow this year’s cohort of P6 pupils the opportunity to catch up with direct curriculum teaching, and after consultation with Primary and Post Primary Principals, the Board wrote to the Minister of Education on 17th April proposing to postpone the usual November AQE assessment until January 2021. The Chairman and Joint CEO of AQE engaged with officials of the Department to explore the possibility of accommodating such a delay within the time frame of the official Transfer process. AQE acknowledges the Minister’s firm support for academic selection and both parties examined in good faith a number of differing options. However, for logistical reasons, it was reluctantly recognised that such an accommodation would not be possible and the Department was unable to accede to AQE’s proposal.

Having considered all of the available dates and taking into account the Post-Primary Transfer Timetable, the Board has decided that the dates for the 2020/21 assessments will be on Saturday 21st November, Saturday 28th November and Saturday 12th December 2020. PPTC will host their assessment on Saturday 5th December.  Results will be issued on Saturday 30th January 2021.

As previously announced, the registration process for the 2020/21 cycle will commence on Thursday, 14th May. As the AQE office staff are currently obliged to work from home, applications can be made online in a new, simple to complete format that will be easily accessed on the AQE website. Whilst we strongly advise parents to register using the online form, a version of the form will be available on the AQE website which can be printed and completed by hand, however, due to the current restrictions the processing time required for this method of registration will be much longer. Closing date for registration will now be Friday 25th September 2020.

Please continue to prepare for the tests in the home environment and we offer everyone best wishes for the coming days and weeks.

AQE staff are all currently working from home. At this current time past paper orders will not be able to be fulfilled until current government restrictions are eased. We will be providing free pdf versions of earlier assessments each fortnight to allow parents access to practice material whilst children are not at school. The 2009 papers will be available to download from Wednesday 8th April here

Association for Quality Education (AQE Ltd) is the company formed to manage and administer the Common Entrance Assessment (CEA) for transfer of pupils from primary to a number of post primary schools in Northern Ireland.  To find out more about AQE Ltd please click here

A full list of participating AQE Grammar Schools can be found here  and on the front cover of the Registration Form. Anyone who hopes to be admitted to any of the AQE Grammar Schools listed will have to sit the CEA.