Association of Quality Education (AQE Ltd) is the company formed to manage and administer the Common Entrance Assessment (CEA) for transfer of pupils from primary to a number of post primary schools.  A full list of participating AQE Grammar Schools is available under the ‘Schools’ section of this website and on the front cover of the Registration Form.

RESULTS (issued to parents on Saturday 27th January 2018)

  • If you have changed address from the one we have on our database please ensure all changes are with the office by Monday 22nd January 2018.  Any changes made after this date cannot be guaranteed for delivery on Saturday 27th.  It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure we have the correct address.
  • AQE cannot facilitate any collection arrangements, other than postal.  If you wish to collect your results from a Post Office, you must contact your local Post Office to see if this is possible.
  • The AQE telephone lines will be open from 2pm on Saturday 27th January for emergency calls only.  This facility is to allow parents who, for some reason, have not received their results.  We would appreciate if general queries can be left until Monday 29th January, so the telephone lines can be kept free for those who need it urgently.

Statement on complaints received about pages sticking together on the assessment papers during the 2017 cycle.

On Monday 4 December 2017, immediately after the third and final assessment, a number of parents brought to our attention an apparent problem with the AQE papers, concerning pages which had stuck together, preventing candidates from completing the test or, when discovered, forcing them to rush the last uncompleted pages. Parents argued that this was a problem which had appeared in all three assessments and had the potential to affect their children’s performance.

AQE immediately instituted an investigation. This involved

  • a careful examination by the markers of every single Paper 3 script;
  • a sampled review of unused papers across tests 1 and 2;
  • a review of the every single room and centre report returned by our member school assessment centres after each assessment; a further request was made to our centres to check again with their invigilators and to return any concerns which might not have been recorded in the reports
  • discussions with our printers.

Our findings were as follows:

  • On Paper 3, approximately twenty scripts, out of 8,000, contained a page on which no item had been attempted. None of these scripts came from candidates whose parents had registered a concern. Every script of a candidate whose parents had raised a concern, had been completed, although it was impossible to determine whether the candidate in question had been under unusual time pressure to finish.
  • No unused paper sampled showed evidence of sticking papers.
  • There was not a single reference in any of the room or centre reports to pages sticking and the follow-up request solicited no unrecorded concerns.
  • Our printers could offer no explanation in principle for pages sticking together.

It is worth pointing out that part of our routine administrative process requires every invigilator to open the test papers beforehand and to flick through every individual paper to ensure that there are no blank pages or printing errors before distributing them to the pupils. If time permits, pupils are invited to check that all the pages are in place. All items are numbered. Every page is numbered in bold and at the foot of every page is the instruction, ‘Go straight to page (number)’. The outline of the following page can be discerned through the paper. The papers have, in other words, been designed to reduce the risk of children inadvertently skipping pages.

If there were to be any systemic fault in any part of the assessment process, it would be a matter of grave concern. On the basis of our investigation so far, we have found no evidence of any such systemic error. That said, we shall institute in the next cycle a requirement that each candidate should have the opportunity, under guidance from the invigilator, to turn over each page before the assessment proper begins and be clear about the number of pages on the paper.

Stephen Connolly

Joint CEO





Please click here for a full list of dates and deadlines (including Office holiday dates) for the 2017/2018 cycle.

Assessment One     : Saturday 11th November 2017
Assessment Two     : Saturday 25th November 2017
Assessment Three  : Saturday 2nd December 2017

Results : Saturday 27th January 2018
(Results will be addressed to the 1st named contact on the Registration Form, and posted to the address listed on the registration form.  If you change address, it is the responsibility of the 1st contact to update the AQE Office of this change of address no later than Monday 22nd January 2018.)