Access Arrangements 2021 – 2022

Any application for Access Arrangements is separate from, and in addition to, applications for registration. All application documents for Access Arrangements should be submitted by post to the AQE Office, there is no facility for online applications for Access Arrangements.

An application for access arrangements should not be submitted until it is complete with evidence. The Access Panel will make a decision based only on the application and evidence in front of them.

Parents/Guardians can apply for Access Arrangements to meet a diagnosed or identified specific significant need requiring a reasonable adjustment to sit the Common Entrance Assessment. Access Arrangements must be agreed before an assessment.

Access Arrangements may also apply to children whose first language is neither English nor Irish and who have spent less that three years in the UK/Ireland before October 2021.

The attached document includes the following information, all of which should be consulted before submitted an application for Access Arrangements;

  • Access Arrangements Policy Statement
  • Application for Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments (ACC/21)
  • Guidance Notes (GS 21 07 1)
  • Guidance Notes (GS 21 07 2)
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Annex A – Normal Way of Working (Primary School Submission Form)

Please note Annex A is a new document which has been devised as a guide to assist Primary Schools. However, it is the parent’s responsibility to attach all evidence to the access application form (ACC/21).

The Access Application Pack was updated on 8th June 2021 to v 2.0. The updated version should now be used and all previous versions disregarded. Updates were made to the following:

  • Guidance Notes – p12 (inclusion of a new table)
  • Guidance Notes – p14 (formerly p13 on the original version). Addition to the right hand column of the table.
  • Annex A – p23 (formerly p22 on the original version). Additional paragraph.