FAQ’s for the Christmas Break (22nd December 2020 – 3rd January 2021)

Please see below for the most frequently asked questions in the run up to assessment 1. The AQE Office will re-open on Monday 4th January when all queries will be dealt with prior to the first assessment.

I have misplaced (or didn’t receive) an Admissions Card with my child’s photograph on it.  How do I get a replacement?

Replacement cards can be requested by completing a request form below.  These requests will be fulfilled from Monday 4th January when the office re-opens.  If you do not receive your Admissions Card before the first assessment, please ensure you have your candidate number to gain admission for assessment  1.

Request for a New Admissions Card

My Admissions Card still has the November/December dates on it, is this valid or do I need a replacement?

Your Admissions Card is still valid with the November/December dates on it and you do not need a replacement card.  Please note that the length of the assessments is 1 hour 10 minutes, beginning at 10am and finishing at 11.10am for all candidates, except where extra time has been granted through an application for Access Arrangements.

I have not registered for the assessments, can I still do this?

Online registration has now closed.

If you need to register for the assessments you should contact the AQE Office via telephone from Monday 4th January 2021. Emergency registrations will only be processed where there are mitigating circumstances which meant it was not possible to register before this date.

I need to apply for extra measures for my child, is this possible?

The process of Access Arrangements has now closed and only applications for emergency access can be applied for.  Emergency access arrangements may be applied for injury or recent diagnosis  of serious long term medical condition only. All other circumstances i.e. Illness, bereavement or domestic incident, should be progressed through the ‘Special Circumstances’ application process.  AQE does not process or manage Special Circumstances applications. Information on requirements to make a Special Circumstances application may be obtained from the Post Primary Schools of your choice.

To apply for Emergency Access due to an injury or recent diagnosis  of serious long term medical condition please follow the link below:

Emergency Access Application

My child has been told to self-isolate under PHA guidance and will miss two/three assessments as a result.  What do I do?

If your child has been advised to self-isolate they should not attend the assessments which take place over the period of self-isolation.

Should the period of self-isolation fall over two or more assessments, you should inform your child’s assessment centre.  AQE Ltd do not need to be informed directly.

You should make sure that you keep a record of supporting evidence, should you wish to make a claim at a later date.