How to Register

Please ensure you use the correct stamp for the weight and size of your envelope when posting registration forms.  A significant number of forms have been held at the post office due to underpaid postage.  This can cause up to a two week delay before we receive your registration form and AQE cannot be responsible if this results in a candidate missing a space in their chosen assessment centre.  You will also be required to pay the surcharge before we can release your child’s Admissions Card.

All registration forms submitted after Friday 8th September are now subject to a £72 late entry fee (this is instead of the original fee, not on top of it).  As we currently have filled a large number of spaces we cannot guarantee that any late entry form will be allocated a seat for the assessments.  If we are unable to accommodate your registration, your fee will be returned to you along with the registration forms.

You can download the registration form by clicking the link below.

Registration Form 2017

Please be aware that this year’s Admissions Card will not contain a photograph, you must supply two photographs, one for the assessment centre and one to be retained in the AQE Office for identification purposes.)

We can now facilitate debit/credit card payments when a form is being hand delivered to the AQE Office.  Please download and complete the form below which should be brought with you to speed up the payment process.

Debit Card Payment Form

If your child requires extra assistance (extra time etc) due to a physical, learning, mental or medical impairment OR your child’s first language is not English/Irish and they have spent less than three years in the UK/Ireland, you should download and complete the ACC/17 form below.

More information and the Guidance Notes with suggested evidence can be found under the Access Arrangements section of the website.

ACC17 Access Application 2017



If your child is in receipt of Free School Meals and you are awaiting documentation from the Education Authority as proof, please do not let this hold up your Registration Form coming through to the office.  Simply post off the form with all other documentation required (birth certificate and photographs), then you can forward on your Free School Meals proof when you receive it.  We will still process your child’s Registration Form with items pending.


If you are hand delivering a Registration Form and or other documentation, it should be placed in an envelope and put  into the provided AQE box in the main reception of the Executive Suites at Weavers Court Business Park. These cannot be checked by the AQE Office, if items are missing, you will be contacted by letter. This will not affect your registration.  Receipts will NOT be given.

Office hours are 8am-4pm, Monday to Friday, but forms can be hand delivered into the box in reception much later into the evening.  If you wish to speak to someone please be aware that the office is closed between 12.30pm and 1.30pm.

The AQE office is not directly accessible to the public, however staff members will be available for consultation at request through the general receptionist at Weavers Court.

How to complete your Registration Form

Please carefully read the Guidance Notes attached to the Registration Form.

Section A Personal Details:

AQE register children by the name which they are known, even if this is not their legal name. This is applicable to both first name and surname. Please use the name they wish to be known by on the Registration Form.

Section B Access Arrangements:

If you think your child requires assistance during the assessments, including extra time etc. Please click on the heading at the top labelled “Access Arrangements” for the form, guidance notes and further information.

 Section C Parent/Guardian Contact Details:

The 1st contact on the Registration Form should be our initial point of contact should any queries arise within the Registration Form or throughout the duration of the AQE cycle.

The 2nd contact is used for EMERGENCY purposes if the 1st contact is unavailable. We do not give out any information to anyone who is not listed on the form as 1st or 2nd contact. This includes registration details and results. So please ensure those entitled to this information are listed as contacts.

Section D Preferred school location for the assessment:

A list of all available locations for the assessments may be found on the front cover of the Registration Form, or by clicking here.

If you are completing your Registration Form before the end of June, it is not usually necessary to fill all 4 preferences as a lot of centres will still have availability at this stage.  If you are completing your Registration Form in August or September, you will need to complete ALL 4 preferences.  Failure to do so may result in a further delay of your registration. Places are allocated in each assessment centre on a first come first served basis as stated on registration form.

Section E Payment:

The registration fee is £48 per candidate.  The fee is non refundable.

Cheques / Postal Orders should be made payable to AQE Limited. Unsigned cheques will be returned. Cash payments will only be accepted if your Registration Form is hand delivered and you should bring the exact amount. No change can normally be given.

If your child is entitled to Free School Meals, there is no fee, however evidence of this must be provided.  A letter from your Education Authority within this current school year will be needed as proof of your entitlement to Free School Meals.  Written confirmation from your Primary School Principal will also be accepted.  We do not accept tax credits confirmation or the application form for Free School Meals which is sent to the Education Authority. 

Documentation to be sent with the Registration Form

Passport Photographs

2 Passport sized photographs are required.  1 photograph will be sent to your Assessment Centre for identification whilst 1 is held in the AQE Office on file.

Photographs should be recent and identical with the child’s name written on the back of each photograph.

Photographs should be attached with Pritt Stick, or using a paperclip. Please DO NOT staple or cellotape the photographs to the Registration Form.

Birth / Adoption Certificate

A photocopy of your child’s birth or adoption certificate MUST be included to confirm their date of birth.

Long or short versions of the birth / adoption certificate are accepted.  Please note, ALL should be photocopies as originals will not normally be returned.  If you do not have your child’s birth / adoption certificate, then a photocopy of the appropriate page on a passport will be accepted. Please DO NOT post your child’s passport to the AQE Office as we have no way of returning it. We cannot take responsibility for any items sent to us in the post which do not reach us.

Birth / Adoption Certificates are required simply to confirm the child’s date of birth, therefore if the name your child is known by is different than that on their birth certificate, please use the name they are known by on the Registration Form.