If your child is ill before, or on the day of, an assessment…

If you child is unwell just prior to, or on the day of an assessment, there are a number of steps you can take.

There is no supplementary paper for AQE, as the best two scores out of three are taken to allow for circumstances such as illness. As long as a child sits two out of three papers they will receive a full AQE score in January.

If your child is not well on the day of an assessment AQE’s general advice would be not to send them, particularly if their illness could pose a risk to the health of other candidates or invigilators. You do not necessarily have to let the assessment centre or AQE know, but some centres do have telephone lines open on assessment mornings if you wish to contact them.

If your child attends an assessment after a period of illness from which they are mostly recovered, you can let the Head of Centre know on arrival to make them aware.

In a situation where your child’s overall score is affected by illness during the assessment period (normally most likely if two or more assessments have been affected) you may be able to go down to route of Special Circumstances. The form for Special Circumstances will be available from our website on the Monday following the third assessment. Special Circumstances forms are not submitted until you attend your Transfer Interview with your Primary Primary at the end of January/beginning of February, at which stage the form and accompanying evidence can be sent to your first choice of grammar school along with their result and transfer form.