Late Entry Applications for the Common Entrance Assessment – 2021/2022.

Applications for registration opened at 10am on Tuesday 25th May 2021 and closed at 5pm on Friday 24th September 2021.

Any parent who has missed the deadline and wishes to apply for a late entry registration made do so using the portal below.

You should note:

  • AQE Limited may consider late applications for registration but only if AQE Limited is satisfied that there are good reasons for a late submission of an application. Reasons for the late application must be provided on the first page of the application form below.
  • Parents or guardians making a late application must submit the following as attachments to their application – 1.) A recent photograph of the candidate 2.) A copy of the candidate’s birth certificate (long or short) or passport and 3.) the late entry fee and written confirmation of entitlement to Free School Meals where relevant. You will not be able to complete the application without all 3 items being attached.
  • The late registration fee is £90. This consists of two elements, an administration fee of £60 and an examination fee of £30. (In the event that AQE Limited has to cancel the CEA for reasons beyond its control, the examination fee element only will be refunded. The administration fee is non-refundable.)
  • If a candidate is entitled to Free School Meals, the late registration fee is £60. WRITTEN PROOF OF ENTITLEMENT TO FREE SCHOOL MEALS MUST ALSO BE PROVIDED, OR THE HIGHER FEE WILL BE CHARGED. (In the event that AQE Limited has to cancel the CEA for reasons beyond its control, £30 only will be refunded.)

Late entry fees will be refunded in full only if AQE Limited are not able to accept the application as a late entry.

The late entry fee should be paid is advance of completing your application here:

Terms and Conditions, along with Guidance Notes, can be found below.:

Late Entry Application Portal (please click here)