Marking and Results


Marking takes place in allocated marking centres in Belfast during the working week.  The position is not normally suited for those currently in full time employment or qualified teachers who may get daily ‘sub’ employment at the last minute.

Markers are employed on a year by year basis, any spaces which are not filled by returning markers are allocated via application. To apply for the position of a marker, you should contact the AQE in late September/early October to request an application form.


Results for Parents

Results will be posted to the home address which you initially registered with us.  If you have moved house after you have completed your registration form, please contact the AQE Office to have this amended.

AQE cannot arrange for post to be held over at any post office for collection on results day. If you wish to do this, please contact your local post office, but be please aware not all post offices offer this service.

Results for Primary Schools

Under GDPR legislation we must have permission from a candidate’s parents to share their result with the Primary School. Where permission is granted, results are automatically sent to the Primary School’s postal address.  A pro forma will be made available to Primary Principals in January where alternative arrangements can be requested.