Marking and Results


Marking will take place after each of the 3 assessments.  Each test paper is marked 3 times, and furthermore counted up to 4 times by markers before coming into the AQE Office. Once we receive the test papers, we re-count each individual paper before uploading the scores of each test paper to our system.

If you have marking experience and are interested in becoming a marker, please contact the AQE office (via email) for a markers application form.

AQE are not recruiting markers at this time. Please contact us at the end of September 2017 if you are interested in becoming a new marker with AQE Ltd.


Results for Parents

Results will be issued to parents on Saturday 27th January 2018.

Results will be posted to the home address which you initially registered with us.  If you have moved house after you have completed your registration form, please contact the AQE Office to have this amended.

If your postal address for receiving results has changed since you registered your child, please contact us via postal letter / email with the following information:
-Child’s name
-Candidate number
-Child’s D.O.B.
-Child’s Primary School (especially if your child has moved schools)
-Old address
-CLEARLY PRINT new address. (very important for posting results).

NB (1): For guaranteed delivery, all address changes must be made by Monday 22nd January 2018.

NB (2): AQE cannot arrange a personal service of holding post over at your post office for collection on Saturday 27th January. If you wish to do this, please contact your local post office, however, not all post offices provide this service as it is a very lengthly process.

NB (3): If your post does not arrive at your registered home address, the AQE Office will be open from 2pm on results day to allow for verbal results to be given over the phone (security questions must be passed).  AQE will unfortunately not be able to answer any further questions other than that of your childs result.  All other issues can be taken up from Monday 29th January.

Results for Primary Schools

Results are automatically sent to the Primary School address.  A pro forma will be sent to you in October 2017 allowing you to request alternative arrangements.