Practice Material (Free to download)

Whilst government restrictions are in place which prevent children from attending school, AQE have released complimentary pdf versions of the earliest Common Entrance Assessments for parents to use as practice material while their children learn from home.

Please note that previously uploaded versions of 2011 Paper 2 and 2012 Paper 3 were earlier draft versions of these papers. We have now updated the papers to the final versions. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

These papers are no longer sold by AQE as we have to allow for small changes in curriculum and specification, therefore, they should be viewed only as practice material.

AQE have provided a guide showing which individual questions will not be relevant for the 2021/2022 assessment due to the revisions made in order to recognise the disruption that Covid-19 has had on schooling. This document is available here

2014 – 2019 are currently available to purchase in the Past Papers Shop section of our website.

Answers are available here

If you have previously purchased papers from 2014-2019 and require answers, you can access them here, using the password provided with your papers.