Registration 2020

REGISTRATION CLOSED ON FRIDAY 9TH OCTOBER 2020 AT 4PM. Late Registrations can be completed online but will be subject to a late entry fee and assessment centre spaces will be limited.

You are registered as soon as you receive your candidate number. Any documentation (photographs, birth certificate and payment/FSM entitlement can be forwarded at any stage prior to the first assessment but your Admissions Card will not be released until any missing documents are received).


Please note that online payments should be made prior to completing the online registration form, if possible.

Due to current government restrictions, AQE Ltd have developed an online system for registering candidates who are due to enter Primary 7 in September 2020.

Please ensure you have the Guidance Notes open to assist you as you complete the online form:

In order to help us respond to queries more efficiently we ask that, where possible, you direct your concerns to the following contact person:

  • Online Payment (including if you have not received a five digit Order Number):
  • E-mail submission of photograph (where these have not been submitted via the online form):
  • E-mail submission of birth certificate or passport:
  • All other queries (including Access Arrangements):

Things you should have, or do, before completing the online Registration Form:

Please note that whilst providing documentation or payment at a later date will not delay your child being allocated a space based on the preferences of assessment centre which you provide, their allocation will remain provisional until all outstanding documents or payments have been received.

  • Payment: You can pay your online fee via the Online Payment section of our website throughout the registration period. This will generate an Order Number which should be entered in the relevant section of the online registration form. Payment can also be made by cheque or Postal Order posted to the AQE Office with your child’s name and candidate number clearly written on the back. At the moment we cannot accept payments by cash, this may change when current government restrictions are eased.
  • If your child is entitled to Free School Meals, you should not pay the fee, but confirmation of this entitlement must be provided. Proof of entitlement should be a letter of confirmation from the Education Authority within the last year or from your child’s Primary School (if you already have it). We will also accept bank statements confirming current fortnightly payments (displayed as – Bank Credit EA xx Region). Please ensure your name is clear but all other information is hidden/scored out. Tax Credits cannot be accepted as proof of FSM entitlement. This can be uploaded with the online registration or submitted at a later date.
  • One recent photograph of your child can be uploaded in the relevant section of the Registration Form. This should be a .jpeg image and cropped to passport size (3.5cm wide x 4.5cm high). This can also be e-mailed or submitted by post at a later date. It can be a photograph you have taken yourself, but should be a clear image showing only from the shoulders up. Photographs should not exceed 9MB in size. Please do not submit a photograph of a photograph, as these are not clear on the Admission Card and will include any background surfaces which you have not cropped out yourself.
  • A scanned copy of your child’s birth certificate or passport can be uploaded in the relevant section of the Registration Form. This can be the long or short version of the birth certificate and should be scanned, not a photograph as this can make the date of birth illegible and will therefore be invalid. PDF or jpegs can be accepted. This can also be e-mailed or submitted by post at a later date.

Most smartphones have an inbuilt scanner in the ‘Notes’ app which is provided with iphone and Android handsets. This should allow you to effectively photograph your documents to the quality required for online registration. To access the scanner open Notes and click the camera icon at the bottom, that should give you an option to Scan Documents.

  • Please note that if you intend to apply for Access Arrangements you can indicate this on the online registration form, but all documentation relating to Access Arrangements will have to be submitted by post to the AQE Office, this can be done anytime from Thursday 14th May. For more information please visit the ‘Access Arrangements’ section of our website.

Step 2: Complete all sections of the Registration Form

Guidance Notes for completing the form are available at the top of this page and should be consulted before completing the registration form.

If you have any questions please complete the form to the best of your ability and e-mail us with any queries. We can adjust any information you provide at a later stage if required. Please do not submit a form for the same child twice!

Once you have completed the online form there will be two methods of confirmation, either one of these is sufficient to confirm your registration:

  1. An end screen informing you that your registration has been successful and providing you with your child’s candidate number.
  2. A confirmation e-mail from AQE Ltd. Please check your Junk Mail folder for this e-mail.

If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail but did view the end screen after hitting ‘submit’, please do not resubmit your information your candidate number on the end screen confirms your registration. You should take note of the candidate number for future reference.

You can find a list of which assessment centres still have availability here.

Please click below to proceed:


A printable copy of the Registration Form can alternatively been completed by hand and posted to the AQE Office. This can be found below. . Please do NOT complete both an online form and a paper version. The paper version should not be sent to the office via e-mail.