Online Payments

To pay your registration fee online please click “add to cart” to proceed with the payment.

**Please be aware that when entering your cards expiry date, the date should be written as MM/YYYY (eg 09/2020 and not 09/20).**

Paying online does not complete your registration, you must submit an online registration form.

Once your payment has been processed you should receive immediate confirmation of payment via an ‘end screen’ with a five digit order number (Order #). Please take note of your Order Number as this will need to be provided on the online registration form.

You should also receive e-mail confirmation of your Order Number (please make sure you check your Junk Mail folder) but this is not essential as long as you have the Order Number from the end screen.

Please be aware that in the event of the assessments being cancelled by AQE, the fee will be partially refunded (£20). The remaining £35 is non refundable.

AQE registration closed on Friday 9th October at 4pm. Anyone paying for a registration submitted after this time will be required to pay the late registration fee (£80.00) in placed of the original £55.00. Anyone who registered prior to the closing time, but is subsequently paying the fee should pay the original fee of £55.00 only.

We accept payments from the following debit and credit cards: