Online Payments

To pay your registration fee online please click “add to cart” to proceed with the payment.

**When entering your card’s expiry date, the date should be written as MM/YYYY (eg 10/2021 and not 10/21).**

Please note that paying online is only part of the registration process. A child shall not be registered as a candidate to take the CEA unless and until the payment and all the documents referred to in the Terms and Conditions have been received by AQE Limited.

Once your payment has been processed you should receive immediate confirmation of payment on your screen’ with a five digit order number (Order #). You will need this order number to complete your online registration.

The fee to register for the CEA is £60 and consists of two elements:

  • an administration fee of £30.00; and
  •  an examination fee of £30.00.

In the event that AQE Limited has to cancel the CEA for reasons beyond its control, the examination fee element only will be refunded. The administration fee is non-refundable.

*The administration fee is spent by AQE Limited in administering the test, in considering the application, registering the child, placing the child in an Assessment Centre and dealing with Access arrangements. Hence it is spent very quickly after receipt. As it will have been spent before circumstances may force the cancellation of the CEA, it is therefore not possible to refund it.

We accept payments from the following debit and credit cards: