Registration Guidance Notes for Parents

If you have a child who will be in Primary 7 in November 2019 and they are considering any of the post-primary schools listed here you should register for your child to sit the Common Entrance Assessment.  If your child has a statement of Special Educational Needs they may not be required to sit the assessments, you should consult with your Education Authority. It is the responsibility of the parent to register their child for the Common Entrance Assessment.  Your Primary School will not be able to register your child.

Registration will open on Wednesday 1st May 2019 and close on Friday 6th September 2019. 

It is important to be aware that spaces in assessment centres are allocated on a first come first served basis.  All centres have limited availability based on the practical and human resources at their disposal and we cannot predict when a centre will reach its capacity.  Our advice, therefore, is to register as early as possible within the registration period if you are depending on your child sitting the assessment in a particular assessment centre. 

You must fill out a registration form which can be downloaded from our website from Monday 29th April 2019. This should be printed off, completed and returned to the AQE Office by post at the address given on the bottom of the form. Hard copies are available from the AQE Office or any participating AQE Grammar Schools (listed here).

The following items should be attached however you should not delay submitting your registration form if any are not easily accessible. Please send the registration form, with all available documents, to the office where it will be processed normally (including assessment centre allocation). We will then hold your Admissions Card in the office until the missing items are submitted and matched up with your registration form.

  • One photocopy of your child’s long or short birth certificate (or a photocopy of the identification page of their passport) to confirm their date of birth. Please DO NOT send original passports as we have no means of securely returning these.
  • Two recent, identical passport sized photographs are required.  These do not have to meet the requirements of a passport photo (smiling is permitted!) but should be the correct size.  One photograph will be returned to you on your child’s Admissions Card and one will be held on file in the AQE Office.  An electronic copy will eventually be sent to your child’s assessment centre for security purposes on the assessment mornings.
  • A fee of £50 should be paid online in advance, or by cheque sent with the registration form.  For further information on payment options please see below. Please note that all payments are non-refundable, unless a fee has been paid twice in error. If your child is currently entitled to Free Schools Meals, you are not required to pay the fee, but you must include confirmation of your entitlement.

Online Payment: If you wish to pay online please follow the instructions in the Registration section of this website.  Once a successful payment has been made you will receive an e-mailed receipt of payment with an order number (Order #). Please provide your Order # on Section E of the Registration Form, in the space provided.  If for some reason you do not receive a receipt, please contact the AQE Office.

Cheques should be made payable to AQE Ltd and have the child’s full name on the back.

Cash payments can be made if a registration form is being hand delivered to the AQE Office, however you should note that forms will need to be left in the post box at reception and no receipts are normally given.

If your child is entitled to Free School Meals you must send confirmation of this instead of the fee. Either a confirmation letter, dated within the last year, from your Education Authority or, where possible, a letter from your Primary School confirming that your child is currently on the Free School Meals register. We DO NOT accept application forms for renewal of Free School Meals entitlement as evidence of entitlement.

Once you post your registration form and documents you do not need to do anything further.  Depending on when you register it can take anything from 10 days to four weeks before you receive your Admissions Card.  May, June and September tend to be busier periods where you may have to wait for four weeks.  Please be aware that due to the large number of forms received during these months it is not always possible for us to confirm that a particular form has arrived in the office.

For this reason we recommend that you retain some form of proof of postage which can be used in the rare occasion that your form does not reach us.  If a form has been undelivered and a parent can provide proof of postage, we will register a new form as if it was received on the date the original form should have arrived with us.  If no proof of postage can be provided, we can only register a new form by the date the new form is received. 

If you are considering hand delivering your registration documents, there are some things you should be aware of:

There is no particular advantage to delivering a form in person to the AQE Office, except that you do not need to obtain proof of postage as you have guaranteed its delivery.  All forms delivered in person must be left in the internal post box at reception and these forms cannot be checked by staff, nor can receipts be given should you choose to pay in cash. If anything is incorrect or missing from your registration, we will register your child and then contact you directly to correct the matter, as we would with any form arriving by post.  Your child’s registration will not be delayed or disadvantaged because of any missing or incorrect items with the registration form.

You will hear back from us by way of your child’s Admission Card, once this is received you should check carefully for any errors and let us know immediately if any of your child’s details are incorrect.  The Admissions Card will inform you of your child’s assessment centre, based on the preferences you provided, as well as their candidate number.  Please keep your Admissions Card in a safe place.

As part of the assessment process the information provided on your registration form will be shared with the AQE school where they will be sitting the Common Entrance Assessment in November, this is necessary for the administration and functioning of the assessments.

Due to GDPR legislation we now need parental permission to share a child’s AQE result with their Primary School and the assessment centre in which they sat the assessments. In both cases AQE only send the information to the Principal of each school. Parents must “opt in” to allow their Primary School and assessment centre access to this information. All results are automatically posted to the child’s home address and permissions to share are in addition to the posted results not instead of.

Allowing this information to be shared can make the process much smoother in the week following the issue of results, particularly in preparation for parent interviews conducted by Primary Principals to submit post-primary school choices to the Education Authority.  If you are concerned about giving permission it may be helpful to speak with your Primary Principal or a member of our office staff.

If you have reason to apply for any additional arrangements (for example extra time or coloured paper) for your child, there is further information on the process available here.

Application forms for Access Arrangements can be submitted with the registration form but can also be submitted separately at a later date.  Please be aware however that the later you submit an application, the later it will be before you hear back with a decision. The final date for any application for Access Arrangements is strictly Friday 6th September 2019.  Emergency Access Arrangements will be available for physical injuries sustained outside of the application period.

We would not recommend delaying the submission of your main registration form while you wait on reports or other documentation relating to an access application.  Any additional documents can be matched up later on, however holding off submitting your registration form may result in your child not being allocated a space in one of your preferred assessment centres which are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

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