Special Circumstances

When making an application to post-primary school you may wish to apply to your school of choice for a Special Circumstances case. 

This will be dependent on each individual school’s published admission policy and criteria. 

AQE do not have any role in this process other than to provide verification on certain elements of an application (if required). 

The form for Special Circumstances (SC22) is available to download below.

Special Circumstances Form:

Please do NOT return any completed SC22 forms to the AQE Office as they will not be processed.

You should refer to the Admissions Criteria of any individual post-primary school for more specific information. These can be found on the Education Authority website.

If you are applying for Special Provisions (i.e. your child did not sit any assessments) the SC22 can also be used, but please contact the post-primary school first.

The process of applying for Special Circumstances (2021/2022 cycle)

1. Download the SC22 form (available above)

2. Gather the appropriate evidence required to validate the claim  (e.g. doctors notes etc).

3. All documentation relating to Special Circumstances/Provisions should be uploaded to the EA Portal as part of your transfer application.