Special Provisions

AQE do not process any of the applications for Special Provisions.  These are considered by the receiving post-Primary Schools.  No Special Provisions documentation should be sent to the AQE Office.

If applying to a school for Special Provisions you may use this downloadable form and attach it to your Post-Primary Transfer Form.

Special Provisions

Please do NOT return any completed SP20 forms to the AQE Office as they will not be processed.

You should refer to the Admissions Criteria of any individual post-primary school for more specific information. These can be found on the Education Authority website.

For schools which are not using any academic criteria, the Special Provisions form (SP 20) will be sufficient and can be used. If you require a Special Circumstances form, rather than Special Provisions, these will be available directly from the post-primary school.

The process of applying for Special Provisions (2020/2021 cycle)

1. Download and print the SP20 form (available above)

2. Gather the appropriate evidence required to validate the claim  (e.g. doctors notes etc).

3. Completed forms and evidences should be held until you attend the Transfer Interview with your Primary Principal to select school choices for your child next year.  All documentation relating to Special Provisions should be taken to this interview.