The Assessment Mornings

Please see the category on Familiarisation Days and arrangements for the assessments for further information on this. Each assessment begins at 10.00am in all centres but you will be provided with information on what time you should arrive and where you should go by you allocated Assessment Centre.

Regulations on this vary from centre to centre. Information will be provided by the Assessment Centre at the Familiarisation Days.

If your child has a medical requirement for which you are required to be on site you should apply for Access Arrangements and request permission to do so. (See the section of the website entitled ‘Access Arrangements’).

As candidates only have to sit two out of the three papers to obtain a result, it is perfectly acceptable for a child to miss an assessments, for any reason. This system allows for situations such as illness, an “off day”, or any prior engagements which cannot be changed.

If you know in advance that your child will not be able to attend one of the assessments you should let the Assessment Centre know.

If your child has been unwell in the days before an assessment you do not need to make a decision on whether or not they will attend any earlier that the morning of the assessment. We would however request that if your child has any ailment which could be passed on to other candidates that you would not send them in to complete the assessment.

If you decide not to send them you can try to inform the Assessment Centre, but please do not worry if you cannot reach them, they will try and get in touch with you if they need to.

If a candidate misses more than one assessment, they will not receive a standardised result from AQE. Depending on the circumstances around their non-attendance you may be able to apply for Special Circumstances / Provision if you still wish to apply for them to attend a post-Primary school which uses AQE results as part of their admissions criteria.

If a candidates has sat one assessment, you will receive the raw score (the mark out of 64 which they achieved on that paper) in the post on results day. This can be used as part of a Special Circumstances claim, along with educational evidence of their normal standard of working and evidence to confirm why they did not complete two out of the three assessments.

Further information on Special Circumstances/Provision can be found on the relevant page of our website.

There is no requirement to wear school uniform to the assessments; this issue will be dealt with directly from the Assessment Centre. AQE would not wish to prescribe any dress code (we would, however, counsel against football jerseys) however if possible we would recommend wearing school uniform.

All candidates should have two sharpened pencils and a rubber with them.

No other stationery is required to complete the assessments accurately (including rulers) and therefore should not be brought into the assessment room unless specifically stated as part of an access arrangements requirement.

Water should be provided in all centres if required therefore we generally advise against personal water bottles being brought in.

No wrist watches of any kind or any electronic devices should be brought in to the assessment room. All rooms will have at least one clock which will be visible to all candidates and time prompts are given at 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 45 minutes.

No other personal items or toys should be brought into, or used, in the assessment rooms. If you have any concerns about this you should contact the AQE Office directly and we will be able to advise you further.

Any medication should be given to either the onsite first aider, or the room invigilator (depending on the nature of the medication). All candidates who require medication or access to medical devices will have it, though AQE should be informed of this in advance via an application for Access Arrangements (please see the relevant section of our website).

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