The Results: What’s next?

Following the issue of results parents may wish to avail of the following:

A re-mark of papers –

The period to apply for a re-mark has now closed. All those who paid and submitted a re-mark application will be notified of the outcome by Wednesday 19th February 2020.

If a score changes as a result of a re-mark we will inform all AQE post-primary schools and you will be issued with a new results sheet that can be sent on to the Education Authority to replace your original one.

Special Circumstances –

Parents wishing to pursue a claim for Special Circumstances, should submit the Special Circumstances form (SC19) and accompanying evidence with their Transfer Form during their Transfer Interview with their Primary School Principal. Forms are available from the Special Circumstances section of this website. No Special Circumstances forms should be submitted to the AQE Office.

Raw Scores –

Parents may request the CEA raw scores achieved by their children by completing a ‘Raw Score Request Form’ and submitting it by post only to the AQE Office.  Requests for raw scores will be dealt with within 28 days from receipt of the form.

Please note that raw scores are not a required part of the transfer process (including Special Circumstances) and therefore would only normally be requested for parental interest.