How do I apply for Access Arrangements?

Parents should tick the box in Section B of the Registration Form to indicate they are applying for Access Arrangements and complete the Access Application Form (ACC/19). ACC/19 will be available to print and download from the website on 29th April 2019 and should be attached to the Registration Form along with all appropriate evidences.

If it is not possible to attach your Access Application Form and evidences along with the Registration Form you should still tick the box in Section B but you may send your application separately as long as it submitted to the AQE Office by Friday 6th September 2019 at the latest.  Access Application Forms are available from Monday 29th April or hard copies can be posted out from the AQE Office on request.

If you submit a Registration Form without ticking the relevant box in Section B and later wish to apply for Access Arrangements you may do so by sending form ACC/19 and all appropriate evidences to the AQE Office. Please ensure your child’s candidate number (found on their Admissions Card) is clearly stated. If you have submitted your registration form but not yet received your Admissions Card you can still submit ACC/19 and evidences, but we would appreciate if you could let us know the rough date you posted your form, to enable us to match the documents with your original registration form.

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