How do I apply for additional arrangements (know as Access Arrangements)?

If you have reason to apply for any additional arrangements (for example extra time or coloured paper) for your child, there is further information on the process available here.

Application forms for Access Arrangements can be submitted with the registration form but can also be submitted separately at a later date.  Please be aware however that the later you submit an application, the later it will be before you hear back with a decision. The final date for any application for Access Arrangements is strictly Friday 6th September 2019.  Emergency Access Arrangements will be available for physical injuries sustained outside of the application period.

We would not recommend delaying the submission of your main registration form while you wait on reports or other documentation relating to an access application.  Any additional documents can be matched up later on, however holding off submitting your registration form may result in your child not being allocated a space in one of your preferred assessment centres which are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

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