What evidences should I send?

Evidence should be from one or more of the following: an appropriately qualified medical doctor, another suitable or medical professional, a primary school principal, a psychologist, a suitably qualified educational professional who is accredited by the British Psychological Society (this means someone who is qualified to practise in the United Kingdom holding an HCP Number).

Written evidence should be on headed paper, dated, accompanied by the name, address, phone number and, where possible, e-mail address, of the person providing it. In the case of schools the written evidence must be signed or countersigned by the principal.

In considering evidence submitted by parents to support an application for Access Arrangements, the Access Panel will have regard to the evidence which parents/guardians have supplied to demonstrate that the Access Arrangement(s) for which they have applied reflect(s) a child’s normal way of working in school.

More detailed guidance on appropriate evidences for specific requests are found in our Guidance Notes. These can be downloaded from our website from Monday 29th April 2019.

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