What is the appeals procedure in relation to Access Arrangements?

Whilst the decision of the Access Panel is usually final an appeal may be considered if there are sufficient grounds.

An application for appeal must be made in writing to the CEO and have attached all information to be considered.  An appeal can only be brought on the grounds that the Access Panel did not:

  • have sight of all relevant evidence or information to which parents did not or could not have access at the time of application;
  • medical conditions arising after the closing date which have a direct impact on the child’s ability to sit the test without the appropriate access arrangements.

The Appeals Panel is independent of the Access Panel.  There will normally be a panel of three, the CEO, a member of the Access Panel who was not part of the initial decision and an AQE Director or other suitable representative of AQE.  In some circumstances the panel may also include another educational professional.

The decision of the Appeals Panel will be communicated in writing and will be final.

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